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How to use Linked Accounts

Linked Accounts allow you to link up to 1,000 accounts to your Indeed advertiser account. This lets your co-workers, fellow recruiters or hiring managers access your account with their own email addresses.

To add an account:

  1. Visit and click the Employer link at the top of the page, then sign in
  2. Click “Linked Accounts” from the menu in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and enter the email address you would like to link into the text box labeled "Add Accounts." All email addresses that you link are required to have an Indeed account. If the email address you link does not have an account with Indeed, the user will be prompted to create one.
  4. Click "Send Request." This will send an email to the email address you specified inviting your colleague to use your Indeed account. This email may take 5-10 minutes to send.
  5. Once the person who uses that email opens the email and accepts your invitation, his or her email will appear in the "Linked Accounts" list. You'll then be able to manage their monthly Resume contacts budget and their access to your posted jobs and candidates.

As a primary account owner, you can enable your linked accounts to have access to your jobs and candidate features, and/or access to your Indeed Resume features.

Linked accounts enabled for jobs and candidates can:

  • Edit and post jobs
  • Add and remove budget
  • Pause, open and close jobs
  • Contact candidates and schedule interviews

Note: When a linked account contacts a candidate, this action will look like it's coming from the linked account, and show the linked account's email address.

Linked accounts enabled for jobs and candidates cannot:

  • Access or edit billing information
  • Link other accounts

Linked accounts enabled for resume search can:

  • Contact candidates using allotted budget
  • Use free contacts for Featured Employers
  • See which candidates colleagues have contacted

Note: Some contacted resumes will not show the job seeker’s name. If the job seeker’s name is not visible in the contacted resumes field, there will be a unique identifier that will help you determine if that job seeker has already been contacted.

Eg. You contact candidate When your colleague sees your contacted candidates tab, they will see that you’ve contact and can match that key to the key in the URL of the resume they would like to contact.

Linked accounts enabled for resume search cannot:

  • Change the resume contact budget
  • View resume contact reports. Only the primary account owner has access to this feature.

As the primary account owner, you can disable accounts, remove budget or unlink any linked account at any time.

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