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Indeed Resume - Overview & Subscriptions

Indeed Resume is an open search engine that allows you to search for top talent and contact job seekers directly about a role they may be qualified for.

To search resumes:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter what skill sets or previous job titles you’re looking for, and where you’re looking for them
  3. Select “Find Resumes”, and search through your results!

To begin contacting job seekers you will need to sign up for a subscription*.  Indeed Resume Subscription is a feature that can be used by both individual hiring managers, and by large recruiting teams.


Standard Subscription

Professional Subscription




Unlimited Searches



Response credits***



Email Reminders to Unresponsive Candidates



Contact Multiple Job Seekers at Once




For more information on pricing, subscriptions, and other FAQs please see our Resume FAQ page. Pricing and products will vary by market and are subject to change. Subscriptions only apply to monetized markets.

Contact credits will be awarded solely at Indeed’s discretion and Indeed reserves the right to change the contact credit system at any time.

Indeed Resume is currently a free service in the following countries: Argentina, Belgium, Colombia, Singapore and South Africa.

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