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Policy - Transportation Jobs and Companies

Transportation companies and roles must adhere to the following guidelines:


  • Jobs must clearly state the type of position:
    • Owner Operator: The job seeker already owns their own vehicle. These job seekers typically act as independent contractors in that they take care of any equipment expenses.
    • Company Drivers: The employer provides the vehicle to their employees at no cost.
    • Lease Purchase: The job seeker leases the vehicle from the employer and can ultimately become an Owner Operator. Details about payment plans, interest rates and overall costs to the job seeker must be disclosed in the description.
      • Costs that do not result in the job seeker obtaining any physical materials or access to information, and only appear to provide the employer with additional profit, are not allowed.
  • Positions that require a Commercial license (CDL) may only target CDL licensed drivers. These requirements should be clearly outlined in the job description.
    • This applies to any provincial licensing requirements for commercial or oversized vehicles, or specific license endorsements.
  • Jobs should only be posted to locations where the company has a physical presence, for example a corporate office or a weigh station.
  • Drivers must be paid for any training. There should be no additional costs included.
  • Training opportunities to acquire a license are not allowed.


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