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Creating an Effective Message

To get candidates’ attention, you need to show them why your job opportunity is relevant to their experience. Here are some tips to get greater response rates when contacting candidates on Indeed Resume.

Writing an effective message:

  • Don't send mystery messages. Include your name, title and company. If you have an Indeed Resume, sharing it can be a great way to let candidates learn more about you.​
  • Personalise your message. Acknowledge key aspects of the job seeker’s resume that may make them a great fit for the job.
  • ​Present the opportunity. Be clear and concise about the opportunity you are presenting. If available, provide a link to the job description.


  • {CANDIDATE_NAME} will insert the candidate’s name into your message directly from his/her resume.
  • The Title of Job Opening field allows you to let the candidate know the name of the position.
  • The Job Description field should incorporate the responsibilities and qualifications of the open position. By having a detailed Title and Job Description field, you give candidates the ability to learn more about the opportunity upfront.


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**Note that Indeed Resume is not available in all countries.


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