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Indeed Resume Subscriptions: Purchasing & Pricing

To begin contacting job seekers you will need to purchase a subscription.  Only administrators of your employer account will be able to purchase subscriptions. Resume subscriptions provide you with a set number of contacts each month depending on the package you select.  A contact is when you initiate a conversation with a job seeker through Indeed Resume.

Currently, there are two types of subscriptions, the Standard Subscription of 30 contacts per month or the Professional Subscription of 100 contacts per month. Monthly subscriptions automatically renew every month on your billing date.  You’ll be able to save 20% if you make an annual purchase.

Standard vs. Professional


Standard Subscription

Professional Subscription




Unlimited Searches



Contact Credits



Email Reminders to Unresponsive Candidates



Contact Multiple Job Seekers at Once




Subscription Cost per Month by Market


Standard Subscription Price

Professional Subscription Price

United States / Mexico / United Arab Emirates

Global: 100 USD

Global: 250 USD


Local: 125 CAD

Global: 150 CAD

Local: 250 CAD

Global: 300 CAD

United Kingdom

Global: 75 GBP

Global: 200 GBP

Australia/ New Zealand

Local: 30 AUD

Global: 125 AUD

Local: 100 AUD

Global: 300 AUD


Local: 30R

Global: 400 R

Local: 100 R

Global: 1000 R

France / Netherlands / Spain / Italy / Ireland

Global: 100 EUR

Global: 200 EUR


Local: 600 INR

Global: 6000 INR

Local: 2000 INR

Global: 16000 INR

Pricing and products will vary by market and are subject to change. 

Recruiters using a Global subscription can contact job seekers everywhere Resume subscriptions are available. Recruiters using a Local subscription can contact job seekers only in the country that the Subscription is for (Ex: Recruiters with a CA Local subscription can only contact job seekers in Canada).

How to receive Contact Credits: 

Contact credits are contacts that we grant back to the subscription.  Contact credits are granted when a candidate responds to your message and if we’re able to track the response sent back from the candidate. 

  • Positive candidate responses will receive 2 contact credits, and negative candidate responses will receive 1 contact credit.
    • Negative Response - If a candidate selects the button indicating that they are not interested
    • Positive Response - If a candidate selects the button indicating that they are interested in you, or the candidate directly responds to your email via Indeed

Currency Details:

If the currency listed for a Resume Subscription is different than the preferred billing currency,  you will be billed in your preferred currency. We’ll convert the Resume subscription price from the local currency to your preferred billing currency based on the current exchange rate.  

For more information on currencies, billing, and Featured Employer rewards see the Indeed Resume FAQ.

Resume Subscriptions are not required in Argentina, Belgium, Colombia, Singapore, and South Africa. 

Contact credits are granted at the sole discretion of Indeed and Indeed reserves the right to change the contact credits system at any time.

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