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The Job Seeker Experience

At Indeed, our mission is to help people get jobs. The Search Quality team contributes to this goal by ensuring that the job search experience on Indeed is relevant and of high quality. Our focus on the job seeker experience is a reflection of Indeed’s values. We believe that, through delivering the best possible experience for job seekers, we can ensure that employers are able to have a robust pool of qualified applicants.

The Job Seeker Experience is designed to help employers understand Indeed’s quality standards from the perspective of the job seeker, and to help job seekers better understand their rights when using Indeed. Indeed’s goal is to provide the best job search experience for our users. Not adhering to these points may impact an employer’s ability to use Indeed and its products.

When I use Indeed...

  1. I see jobs, and only jobs. I see good-quality job opportunities; general ads, spam, and "start your own business" opportunities are not in my search results.
  2. I see jobs that are real vacancies for specific opportunities. These jobs are current and available for me to apply for and offer consistent work, rather than being one-time gigs or general and vague recruitment ads.
  3. The jobs I see have full, accurate information such as location, company name, job title, and an adequate job description, and do not mislead me with any false or unclear information.
  4. I see the most up-to-date version of jobs that connects me with the employer as directly as possible, where the jobs are posted either by the employer or a representative commissioned by the employer. I do not see multiple versions of the same job that are posted by unauthorized or indirectly related advertisers.
  5. I understand that Indeed is a free service, and that I can apply for jobs without having to pay for anything in order to be interviewed, hired, or do my job.
  6. I see jobs that offer fair compensation for any and all work I may provide.
  7. I find jobs with employers who will assess and judge me fairly. Assessments are not based on characteristics that have no impact on my work or are irrelevant to the job, but on my qualifications, experience, and character.
  8. I feel protected and do not worry about fraudulent ads or jobs that require me to take part in illegal activities.
  9. I see jobs that are accurate and relevant to my search, within the fields/industries that I am searching for, and within my search location.
  10. I have the right to report jobs that I believe negatively impact my job seeking experience or that may negatively impact another job seeker’s experience.

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