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Contacting Candidates

You have the ability to contact job seekers through Indeed CV. Once you've contacted a job seeker, their CV will be locked for 30 days to allow them ample time to evaluable and respond.  If you receive a response, you will have access to view the job seeker’s full contact information for continued correspondence.

To contact a job seeker using Indeed CV:

  1. Visit Indeed CV
  2. Conduct a search
  3. Click "View Full CV" on the right-hand side of the page
  4. Fill in your name, company, message, title of job opening and job description
  5. Click "Send email" at the bottom of the page

Note: Some CVs will not show the job seeker’s name. If the job seeker’s name is not shown, this information will be revealed once you've received a response.

Click "Contacted CVs" on the bottom of the Indeed CV home page to view all of the CVs you have contacted previously.

To ensure that you get a great response rate when contacting candidates, create an effective message.

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