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Using a Private Number to Contact Candidates

Indeed uses a third-party service to mask employer phone numbers when contacting candidates via phone or text. Read below to learn about using this feature.

What’s the difference between calling directly and calling privately?

Calling a candidate directly will display your personal number. When calling privately, Indeed masks your phone number. You will not see the candidate’s personal number and your phone number is not displayed to the candidate.

How does calling privately work?

  1. Click on a candidate from the “Candidates” tab of the employer dashboard.
  2. Click on the phone icon and enter your phone number if prompted.
  3. Click “Yes, keep my number private.”
  4. You will see your assigned private number for that specific candidate.
  5. Call that number from your device and Indeed will route you to the candidate.

What will candidates see on their caller ID?

Candidates will see an Indeed phone number.

Can candidates call me back?

Yes, candidates will be able to call the masked number back for 10 days after the initial call.  After that they will receive an error message stating, “Sorry, Indeed doesn’t recognise your number.“

Why do you need my phone number?

We need your phone number to confirm your identity and to route you to the right candidate.

What happens if I call from a different phone number, not the one I’ve given you?

You will receive the following error message stating, “Sorry, Indeed doesn’t recognise your number.”

Does this service support texting?

Not at this time.

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