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Frequently Asked Questions about Indeed CV

Q: How can I find relevant job seekers to contact about my positions?

A: The advanced search feature on the "Find CVs" page can be used to find candidates in the right location and with the specific skills and experience your position requires. Using advanced search will help ensure that you are contacting job seekers about jobs that are relevant to their background and qualifications.

Q: Why can't I receive more information regarding why my account was suspended?

A: At Indeed, the experience of the job seeker is paramount. As a result, we do not provide the kind of specific account suspension details that would enable any entity to use the Indeed CV product to reach job seekers inappropriately.

Q: How long will it take for my CV Suspension Appeal to be reviewed?

A: CV suspension appeals will be reviewed by our Search Quality team as soon as practicable, depending on the volume of requests we are receiving at that time.

Q: What can I do if my CV account is suspended?

A: If you believe you have used Indeed CV in accordance with our guidelines, you may appeal the action. Please provide details or documentation that you feel will help our moderation team review your activity and reconsider your account.

Q: Why am I allowed to post or sponsor jobs on Indeed but not allowed to use the CV product?

A: Access to posting a job on Indeed and using Indeed CV are reviewed separately and do not impact each other. We may determine usage is appropriate for one product but not appropriate for the other, or that positions are not suitable for Indeed on any product.

Q: Was my account suspended for making too many contacts?

A: We do not suspend accounts based on the number of contacts made. We may review accounts with a high number of contacts, but we will only suspend the account if there are other quality issues present.

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