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General Job Posting Policies

Indeed’s Job Posting Policies are designed to govern the content that is returned in our results globally. These governing policies represent Indeed’s goal to provide the best job search experience for our users.

Communication Policy

Messages sent via Indeed should generally follow the same rules as job postings in that you should not use these messages to circumvent job quality guidelines. When communicating with candidates please be mindful of the following guidelines:

Present a specific and relevant job

No candidate should be served a list of available positions to sift through. When communicating with candidates, the position being presented should be clearly stated and relevant to the candidates contacted. Your job should be a good fit for a candidate’s experience and career status.

Include job details and identifying information

Your message should include the job’s location, title, requirements and compensation structure. If your message also includes a link, it should send candidates directly to the job information. Be sure to include the name of your company and its location as well as your name and title. Use your company email address, if possible.

Be considerate of candidate privacy

Do not request sensitive information to be sent directly over a message. Please be considerate of candidate privacy throughout the hiring process and communication on Indeed.

Application Policy

Transparency and Accessibility

The application process must be transparent and simple to navigate. Applications must be tied to the specific job that was posted and not a talent pool. The job description must make clear the job poster’s relationship to the end employer, especially in the case of third party recruiters.


Applicant personal information gathered in the application process should be treated carefully within your company and never made available to third parties.

Discrimination Policy

Indeed believes that jobseekers should be considered based on factors directly related to their ability to successfully perform a job. Jobseekers should not be excluded or dismissed from consideration based on characteristics that do not affect their job performance nor the success of the hiring party. Indeed will remove jobs that violate these standards.

Legality Policy

Indeed does not allow job opportunities which violate any applicable laws, nor does Indeed allow any jobs which require the eventual employee to violate any applicable laws.

Platform Abuse Policy

Indeed does not allow the development of content or systems that attempt to manipulate the ranking of jobs on our platform or circumvent Search Quality systems. Frequent reposting of roles or posting roles in locations other than where the job is offered are examples of behavior that is discouraged and may impact content visibility on the site.

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