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Writing an Effective Job Description

Using job seeker-friendly titles and descriptions in your job postings is one of the best ways to increase the exposure of your jobs to relevant candidates on Indeed. Because Indeed is a search engine, effective job titles and detailed job descriptions help to make the best match possible with job seekers' search terms, resulting in more qualified candidates clicking on and applying to your jobs.

Writing an effective job title:

  • Effective job titles are concise and specific
  • Describe the type of work being performed. If you’re targeting job seekers with certain industry experience, specifying the industry may result in more qualified applicants. For example, “Pharmaceutical Sales Representative” is more targeted than “Sales Representative.”
  • Specify the career level in your title. If you’re targeting candidates with a certain level of experience, you may want to specify the career level (eg. Entry-Level Accountant)

It’s best to avoid the following:

  • Job titles that read like job descriptions
  • Internal acronyms, reference numbers, and abbreviations that are not useful to job seekers and that they are not likely to search for
  • Exclamation points

Writing an effective job description:

A job description should be detailed enough to allow candidates to determine if they’re qualified for the position. It should also communicate important details about your company — its culture and the benefits it provides employees.

An effective job description typically answers the following questions:

What does this position entail and what’s the company like?

  • Use relevant keywords and terms to describe duties and responsibilities
  • Give job seekers a sense of your organisation’s style and culture

Am I qualified for this job?

  • Specify education and certification requirements
  • Indicate desired years of experience

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