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Conversion Tracker - Tracking Applicants

Conversion Tracker is a unique JavaScript code (pixel) that counts completed applications resulting from clicks on your sponsored job on Knowing the number of applicants you have received from Indeed will make it easy to evaluate and compare the effectiveness of your Indeed ads.

What data will the Conversion Tracker capture?

  • Conversion Tracker captures real-time aggregate data for applications submitted as a result of clicking on your sponsored advertisement.
  • There is no individual or personal data captured from the applicants applying- it’s simply a counter that tracks that a conversion has occurred.

How do I implement the Conversion Tracker code?

  • Indeed will provide you with a unique JavaScript code. Please call us at 0800-453-154 to obtain this information.
  • This code should be added to the page on your website that displays after a candidate submits a completed application.

Do I need to take any action once Conversion Tracker is installed?

  • Conversion Tracker will automatically begin logging applications from your Indeed Sponsored Jobs.
  • Please notify Indeed so we can confirm the code has been installed and is tracking applications properly.

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