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Indeed CV Policies

List a Single Job Opening

Indeed CV is a tool to help find qualified candidates for a specific position. No job seeker should be sent a list of all available positions to sift through.

Provide a Detailed Job Description

In your initial message to a job seeker, include relevant details about your company and the position you are hiring for, such as responsibilities, job site location, benefits & perks, and job requirements.

Present a Relevant Job

Only job seekers with relevant experience should be contacted. In your message, be sure to explain why the job is a good fit for the candidate’s experience. If a licence or degree is required for a position, only contact candidates that have this listed on their CV or similar relevant experience.

Explain Payment Structure

Payment structure should be clearly outlined and jobs that operate on a commission basis should be identified upfront. Compensation ranges should reflect reasonable expectations for the role.

Jobs and Only Jobs

We do not allow multi-level marketing, volunteer positions, franchise ownership, or training opportunities on Indeed CV. Jobs must require no form of payment from the job seeker.

Include Identifying Information

If your company uses a corporate email domain, we strongly recommend using this domain on Indeed.  

For tips on writing better messages, please refer to this guide.

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