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Do's and Don'ts for Indeed Resume Contacts

With over 120 million resumes, Indeed Resume offers you a way to easily connect with relevant and active job seekers. The following guidelines will help you use Indeed Resume to communicate with candidates in ways that are consistent with Indeed’s standards for an optimal job seeker experience. Please note that this list is a guide, not a comprehensive list of what is allowable or forbidden.

When Using Indeed Resume...

Do personalize your message. Use the person’s name and introduce yourself and your company. If you’re using a message template, make sure to replace all placeholder fields with relevant details. 

Do explain why the job is a good fit. Be clear about the aspects of the candidate’s resume that make them a good fit for the job and show why it could be a smart career move.

Do present a single job that is relevant to the candidate you’re contacting.

Indeed Resume is a tool to help find qualified candidates for a particular job. No candidate should be served a list of available positions to sift through.

Do make sure to be transparent about compensation structure.

Commission opportunities should be identified as such in initial contacts with candidates.

Do give identifying information about your company. Be sure to include the name of your company and its location as well as your name and title. Use your company email address, if possible.

Do include job details in the body of your message. Your message should include the job’s location, title, requirements and compensation structure. If your message also includes a link, it should send candidates directly to the job information.


Don’t be vague.  Your message should include identifying details of your company, including its name, location and the nature of its business.

Don’t make candidates sift through your site to find job details. While general company information is helpful in an introduction, prioritize the details of the job. If the open position is listed on your company career site, provide a link directly to it.  

Don’t reach out to candidates about jobs that aren’t relevant to them. Your job should be a good fit for a candidate’s experience and career status. Offering entry level positions to seasoned professionals and other inappropriately matched jobs is a sure way to be disqualified from using Resume.

Don’t contact a candidate about anything other than a relevant, salaried job. General interest career fairs, training events and investment or multi-level marketing opportunities are not appropriate for contacts made through Indeed Resume.

Don't use Indeed as a tool to advertise or promote your website. Indeed Resume is not appropriate for soliciting services, generating more sign-ups on your website, or promoting non-internal positions from job boards. If you engage in these activities, your ability to contact candidates will be suspended.

Don’t use Indeed Resume to solicit money. There should be no cost to apply for any job about which you contact a candidate. If you engage in these activities, your Resume account will be suspended.


Please note that Indeed reserves the right to restrict use of its services for any reason.

Suspension of your ability to contact job seekers has no effect on your ability to post or sponsor jobs on Indeed. If you have questions about these guidelines, please contact us.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about appropriate use of Indeed Resume.

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