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Policy - Talent Networks


  • A Talent Network is a group of candidates that have expressed their interest in a specific company’s job openings. Job seekers opt in by giving their contact information and receive updates on new job openings, and the company benefits by maintaining a list of interested candidates.  In some cases, companies will take contact information from a job application and add the job seeker to their talent network without the job seeker’s knowledge.


  • Joining a talent network must be completely optional for the job seeker.
  • It must be clear that the talent network is not associated with the application process.
  • A talent network cannot be part of a larger shared talent pool.
  • Job seekers should not receive contacts from any third parties.
  • Communication must be limited to updates on new, specific vacancies at your company.


  • Talent networks often create a bad user experience. Candidates should not be funneled through any process other than a direct application for the position.


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