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Policy - App-based Jobs/Gigs

App-based companies must adhere to the following guidelines:

App-based Job Guidelines:

  1. Non-corporate positions require sponsorship for visibility on the site.
  2. Jobs must not attempt to manipulate search results to gain higher visibility.
    • We strongly discourage any actions taken to have jobs appear in search results that are not directly in line with the job seeker’s search. Doing so may result in the removal of jobs from the site.
  3. Jobs must be posted only where immediate access to consistent work is available.
    • We do not allow jobs in locations where demand is so low that the job seeker cannot reliably obtain consistent work.
    • We do not allow jobs in locations where an app is not currently operational.
  4. Each app must offer a specific opportunity, as a opposed to signing up and then deciding among various job opportunities. For example, a specific opportunity would be a rideshare or grocery delivery app.


App-based Gig Requirements:

  1. An app-based gig is an on-demand service where job seekers are connected to work in real-time through a mobile application.
  2. An app-based gig requires a mobile platform to be the sole distributor of job duties.
  3. App-based gigs have flexible schedules. The job seeker may have the option to choose when and how often they work.

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