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Reposting Guidelines

Indeed allows users to repost jobs to help employers find candidates for hard-to-fill positions. It is appropriate to repost a job when, after a reasonable amount of time, the advertiser/employer is unable to find a suitable candidate to fill the position. Posting the job again can be helpful to attract more candidates. Unfortunately, reposting is easy to abuse. This abuse happens often enough that Indeed monitors and limits its use.

To ensure the appropriate use of reposting, please refer to the following guidelines:

  • Before reposting a job, consider why your job may not be attracting the right candidates. See here to learn more about “How to Write Great Job Titles and Job Descriptions for Jobs on Indeed.”
  • Do not repost a job unless a reasonable amount of time has passed and the position is still vacant. For example, if a restaurant job has been posted for a month and a half but is still vacant and no longer receiving applicants, it would be acceptable for the restaurant to repost the job. However, if the restaurant is reposting a job every month and a half to fill a pipeline, this would not be allowed.
  • Limit reposting to the specific job or jobs necessary.
  • Reposted jobs must be unique and current vacancies.

Indeed will lower job visibility for jobs that do not follow the above guidelines or display the following abusive reposting practices:

  • Reposting in an attempt to manipulate or bypass Indeed’s systems for any purpose.
  • Habitual and repeated reposting of the same, or similar, roles.

In the case that Indeed warns an advertiser regarding their reposting habits, it is important that the advertiser refrains from future violations. Should an advertiser develop a history of repeatedly violating our reposting policy (or any other policy), their visibility may be permanently impacted.

Advertisers will be assessed on a case-by-case basis for all quality and policy violations paired with reposting to determine suitability for Indeed.

If you believe your job has been incorrectly determined to be a repost, it may be beneficial to check and see if it is the same or similar to any other job that you previously posted.

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