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Job Board Inclusion Guidelines

Indeed’s goal is to directly connect the job seeker with the real job they are interested in, as fast as possible. These guidelines can help to ensure that job seekers have an experience on Indeed which takes them directly and immediately to real jobs, and real job applications, without demanding consideration or unnecessary information.  This listing is meant as a list of important illustrative examples and is not exhaustive.


Job Guidelines

  • Only include paid, current jobs directly posted to your job board by authorized company representatives
  • Starting January 4, 2019 Indeed will no longer consider Job Board requests to be included on the site.
  • All jobs and companies sent to Indeed via a Job Board feed must contain unique content to avoid duplicate job content in our search results.  Indeed defines duplicate content as: any jobs that we already have on the site or any companies coming through Job Boards that we already get jobs from directly.
  • Include complete data for the job including company name, location, job title and complete job description
  • Once on your site, job seekers should be able to view the entire job description without requiring a login or registration
  • There should be no charge to apply to jobs
  • The apply itself should be simple with required fields limited to what is absolutely necessary
  • The apply should take place directly on the Job Board and job seekers should not be redirected to any other websites
  • Starting January 4, 2019, Indeed will no longer accept Job Board content through third parties or those using third-party products in their feed.
    • Current job boards, that have been on Indeed prior to January 4, 2019, must either provide us an XML directly or be scraped.


Site Guidelines

  • Job seekers' privacy and personal information should be protected and only used in conjunction with their job search or application
  • Sites that offer free posting, or sites that "crawl" or redistribute jobs from other sites will not be included
  • Your site should include a clear contact page with a physical address and must not employ excessive or fraudulent advertising
  • Any advertisements should be unobtrusive and not distract the job seeker from the description and application
  • Your site must also demonstrate an appropriate level of organic traffic relative to job count
  • Indeed must have the flexibility to protect the job seeker from job listings which are not real, which are incomplete, or which require unnecessary information.  If Indeed sees that any job board does not understand this goal, based on the above and under Indeed’s sole discretion, Indeed must remove those jobs or that job board in order to protect the job seeker. By including their jobs on Indeed, the job board understands this and agrees to it.  


Specifically, Indeed reserves the right to remove from its site any job that fails to adhere to these guidelines or results in excessive user complaints or spam. Inclusion of jobs from your site at any one time does not guarantee its inclusion at another time.  Please note, at this time Indeed is no longer accepting requests for new Job Boards to have their content available in our search results on the US site.

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