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How to Post a Job on Indeed


Steps for posting a job on Indeed

Visit and sign in.

Don't have an account? Click "Not a member? Create an account free."


Step 1: Click "Post job" to begin posting your job

Don't see Post job? Click "employers/post job' at the top of your screen."


Step 2: Enter the job title, company name and location

Keep the title and location simple. 




Step 3: "Job Details"

Provide your street address (optional), job type (full time or part time) and salary (optional).


Step 4: "Additional Job Details"

Add job compensation and other details of the job.


Step 5: "Job Description"

The job description must be at least 300 characters long. We suggest including a paragraph about your company, another paragraph about the job and any additional details you would like the job seeker to know. 

Take a look at our job posting best practices for more tips.


Step 6: "Application Settings" 

Select how you would like to receive applications. 

Keep in mind an application setting of "in person" will only provide contact information and NO resume.

You will be notified when job seekers apply. Add an email to let us know where you'd like to be notified. 


Step 7: "Application Qualification" (optional)

If your ideal candidate needs to have certain experience, credentials or skills, you can specify these here. 

When applying, applicants will be asked if they have what you're looking for. 


Step 8: "Automated Assessment Types" (optional)

Select a ready-to-use assessment type that will be sent to applicants automatically when they apply.

After applicants complete their assessment, Indeed scores the assessment for you.

Review their scores and answers to identify your exceptional applicants.

More information on Indeed Assessments here


Step 9: "Preview Job"

If there are any changes you would like to make, make them here. 

If not, you're ready to post your job!


Step 10: "Sponsor Job (Recommended)"

Sponsor your job for better placement in the search results.

“Sponsoring” your job means you’ll be accruing charges to keep the ad prominently displayed.  Sponsored jobs are easier to find and see more applications than unsponsored/free ads. 

More general information on Sponsored Jobs here. Learn about sponsorship costs here.

If you choose to post your job unsponsored/free, the ad will become increasingly harder to find as time goes by.

To post free, click “don’t optimize my job”

To be able to post free, you must advertise under the company name and the ad must read as if you are seeking to fill a position for one person.




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