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Indeed Assessments FAQ


What is Indeed Assessments?

  • Indeed Assessments helps you quickly see which candidates have the skills you need. Choose from our extensive library of over 50 expertly-designed, pre-built assessments.

How does it work? 

  1. Choose the assessment modules that best match the requirements of your position.
  2. Send assessments to applicants. Requests are sent to individual applicants via email. You can also require a relevant assessment of all applicants to your position.
  3. View results from your dashboard as soon as a candidate completes the assessment.
  4. Identify your best candidates easily with assessment reports that compare an applicant’s score to those of other candidates in your pipeline.

How much does Indeed Assessments cost?

  • Indeed Assessments is completely free for both employers and job seekers.

Is Indeed Assessments mobile friendly?

  • Many of our assessments are mobile friendly. However, there are some (such as Typing) that require the use of a laptop or desktop computer. We do our best to put warnings in front of these assessments to give candidates the opportunity to switch devices.

Is Indeed Assessments offered in other languages?

  • For now, Indeed Assessments content is offered only in English but is available globally for anyone to access.

Am I guaranteed a great candidate if I use Indeed Assessments?

  • Indeed Assessments is meant to be a screening tool rather than a selection tool. Scores on assessments should, therefore, be considered within the whole of your hiring process, rather than used solely to make hiring decisions.


What is an assessment?

  • An assessment is a collection of one or more test modules that you’d like to send to a candidate. 

How long does it take to complete an assessment?

  • Completion of an assessment can range from 5-15 minutes.

Do candidates see their assessment scores?

  • Candidates will not see their score when taking an assessment on behalf of an employer.

How do you prevent candidates from cheating?

  • While we don’t prevent candidates from having someone else take assessments, we do monitor for copies online of our questions and answers.

Can candidates retake assessments?

  • You can allow a candidate to retake an assessment. On the candidate’s profile, click on the assessment name and then use the drop-down menu, “Options,” to select “Retake Assessment.”

How many assessments should I send?

  • View our assessment library and search using multiple terms, including the job title and key skills you are looking to evaluate. From our experience, candidate abandonment increases after the 30-minute mark so we include a warning message when combining assessments that will exceed 30 minutes.

Can I create my own (custom) assessments?

  • You cannot create custom assessments at this time. 

Does Indeed Assessments offer phone screening?

  • Indeed Assessments offers audio interviews in the assessment library. These allow you to ask a job seeker to give answers to probing questions and then listen to their answers on your schedule. Here's how it works:
    • After your initial resume review, send a phone screen request to all applicants, or to individual candidates you’d like to learn more about.
    • Job seekers receive your request and are prompted to record their answers to questions.
    • You receive a notification when the audio interview is completed and can listen to recorded answers at your convenience.
    • Identify your best candidates and either request that they complete additional skills assessments or move directly to scheduling an interview.

How do I see my candidate’s results?

  • You can view candidate scores in the Candidate Details page. Candidate profiles offer a few metrics you can use to evaluate performance:
    • Test (“module”) score: This is the percentage score a candidate earns, representing the percentage of points earned out of the total points available for a given assessment.
    • A graphical distribution of scores: This visually represents how candidates who have taken this assessment performed on this individual assessment.
    • Scoring dimension details: Individual assessments may focus on one or multiple scoring dimensions. You can think of these as subsections of the overall assessment. This section provides that breakdown of the skill being tested and the distribution graph for that particular skill.

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