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What Does "Sponsored Job" Mean?

What is a Sponsored Job?

A Sponsored Job is a paid listing that is prominently displayed at the top and bottom of relevant search results. Because of increased visibility over time, Sponsored Jobs help deliver more quality applicants to your job openings than free* listings.

Learn how to set up a job posting here.

How do Sponsored Jobs work?

With Indeed, you only ever incur costs when a candidate clicks on your job and how much you pay depends on the daily or monthly budget amount you choose.

When you post your job, you have the option to choose a budget after you provide job details. To help you decide how much to spend, an estimator tool next to the budget field provides an idea of how many applications you can expect.

This estimate is based on the performance of jobs like yours and only appears if we have enough data to provide a helpful estimate. A higher budget will generally attract more applications for your job.

The ideal daily budget depends on the type of job you are offering, the location of the job and how quickly you need to fill the position.

Benefits of sponsoring a job

The primary benefit of sponsoring your job on Indeed is increased visibility. Sponsored Jobs don’t fall back in search results over time like free listings. Because of increased visibility over time, Sponsored Jobs deliver up to 3x more applications than non-sponsored listings.*

If you’re having a hard time filling a role or need to hire quickly, sponsoring your Indeed job gives you an important edge in the competition for top talent.

Sponsoring a job also allows employers to control the visibility of their listing by adjusting the Sponsored Job budget. While all Sponsored Jobs remain “fresh” in search results, raising a job’s budget makes the listing more competitive with similar jobs.

Sponsored Jobs also provide flexibility, allowing employers to adjust budgets or stop spending at any time.

Please note that daily and monthly budgets recur automatically until you stop them. Your job will continue to be sponsored on Indeed until you stop it. You will only be charged for clicks received on the days your job was posted. You can stop at any time, by changing the status of your job to “paused” or “closed.”


*Terms, conditions, quality standards, and usage limits apply.

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