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Indeed Targeted Ads Guidelines

In order to ensure our quality standards are being met, employers who wish to opt into Indeed Targeted Ads (ITAs) must adhere to the following guidelines to ensure eligibility:

  • Indeed Targeted Ads (ITAs) must be for a true job vacancy, and nothing else.
  • Each ITA must be linked to a job post that corresponds and matches each other, and the job post must meet our minimum quality standards for inclusion. Employers can ensure this by setting this up through the ITA website, or by contacting Indeed’s Client Success team.
  • Each purchased ITA must only be linked to one single job post. Jobs that require sponsorship to be visible on our site do not need to be sponsored in order for the ITA to go live.
  • An ITA must include the job title, shift information (including part or full time), a proper description, the company’s name, and accurate, detailed information of where the job is physically located (i.e. city, state/country).

Jobs advertised through ITA must abide by Indeed’s quality standards. Ads that are not eligible for ITAs include, and are not limited to:

  • Ads for jobs that require an upfront cost or payment in order to apply, interview, or obtain the position
  • Ads for one-time gigs or evergreen positions
  • Jobs that do not offer fair compensation
  • Ads that contain language that Indeed deems inappropriate
  • Jobs that are vulgar, illicit, or offensive in nature
  • Jobs that requires or causes the employee or job seeker to violate any applicable laws
  • Ads for app-based jobs in areas where the app is not operational, or where job seekers are unable to find reliable or consistent work due to low demand

Please note that Indeed may reject or remove any content at our own discretion. Indeed reserves the right to remove any content if we feel it is in our interest and our users’ interest.

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