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Measuring Success on Company Pages Premium

Indeed Company Page Premium provides in depth-analytic tools to help you monitor your company’s performance on Indeed. These metrics can be found on your Company Page within the “Employer Tools” tab when logged into your Indeed account.

Brand Analytics

Brand analytics represent exposure of your brand to job seekers on Indeed. Below is a breakdown of the metrics available to employers:

  • Brand Impressions: The total number of times your brand has been displayed to job seekers in job searches.
  • Brand Ad Engagement: The total number of times job seekers click on your Company Page advertisement and the number of times job seekers click the follow button on your Company Page advertisement.
  • Company Pages Profile Views: The total number of job seeker page views for your Indeed Company Page profile (About tab, Reviews tab, etc.).

Company ratings are provided by current and former employees as part of company reviews. Sorting and filtering ratings with Company Page Premium by location or job titles may help uncover useful insights in employee sentiment across jobs and office locations.  

Company Reviews

Company reviews are provided by current and former employees. Filter reviews by locations, job titles, ratings or search for particular keywords to get insights on your company strengths and weaknesses.  View the “Managing your Employer Reviews” article to learn more.

  • Reviews in total: The total number of reviews on your Company Page.
  • New reviews: The total number of new reviews over the next 30 days.
  • Top locations of new reviews: The percentage of new reviews per location. (Premium Only)
  • Top categories of new reviews: The percentage of new reviews per job category. (Premium Only)


Followers Overview

Your followers are Indeed job seekers who opted in to learn more about your company and receive weekly email updates about new jobs and reviews.

  • Total followers: The total number of job seekers that are following your Company Pages. Followers receive company email alerts when your company has new positions available.
  • Company email alerts: The total number of company email alerts sent to your Company Page followers.

Company Ratings allows you to compare your ratings to your competitors. This will give you visibility into your competitors' pages and help you identify opportunities for a competitive edge. This is only available for Premium users.

The figures in this report may not be in real time and are for informational purposes only. This report does not constitute a contract.

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