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About Resume Contact Credits

Each Resume subscription has a set amount of contacts. Contact credits are deducted or added to the subscription’s total. Contact credits are deducted from your subscription each time you reach out to a candidate and added back when candidates respond to your message.

Contact credits reward recruiters for sending high-quality messages. With average response rates, recruiters can earn more than two contact credits back for each purchased contact.

How contact credits work:

  • When a candidate emails back or responds with “I’m interested,” the subscription will receive 2 contact credits.
  • When a candidate responds with “not interested,” or “maybe later,” the subscription will receive 1 contact credit.
  • The exception is contacting U.S. veterans. These resumes are labeled “Free to contact” in the search results. U.S. veterans are always free to contact.

You can always check the number of credits remaining on your account in your subscription management dashboard.

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