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Company Review Guidelines

“Company Pages” is a platform where former or current employees of a company can share their workplace experience with other users. While we would like for reviewers to be as authentic and genuine as possible in their reviews, we expect everyone to use this platform responsibly. We’ve created the following guidelines to help you write the best company review possible.

  • Make It Personal: Make sure that your review is about your own, personal experience at a workplace, and reflects your work experience as a whole, rather than one particular experience with an individual or group.
  • Be Truthful: Indeed values transparency in company reviews. Reviews that Indeed believes or finds to be incentivized, coerced, impersonated or fake will be removed. Please also be truthful in your reviews, and avoid over-exaggerations. While we understand that talking about work can be emotional, it is important that your review be truthful and collected.
  • Make It Relevant: Reviews should be relevant to the company it is posted for and helpful or constructive to others. Reviews that contain spam, advertisements, or are attempts to promote themselves to employers will be removed. Reviews for employers whose company has undergone structural changes are still considered relevant and will not be removed by Indeed (e.g. reviews posted prior to new management or reviews regarding a team that no longer exists in the company, etc.).
  • Respect Privacy: Avoid using private or personally identifiable information regarding any person in your reviews, including names, email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers, or confidential company information. Reviews that contain information that could put someone at risk, or compromise their safety (e.g. threats of violence or calls for harassment), will be removed.
  • Avoid Conflicts of Interest: If you have any conflicts of interest with a company or employer (e.g. if you are a family member, friend, competitor, or have networking connections with the employer/owner), do not leave reviews for them. Company owners must not post reviews for their own company through any means.
  • Appropriate Content Only: Reviews should make sense and be clear. We ask our users to be respectful and professional when leaving reviews. While the use of profanity is permitted, please minimize profane words to the best of your ability. Please note that while reviews with discriminatory statements against any individual or group are not tolerated, describing a workplace environment or situation where discrimination is a factor is allowed.

While Indeed reserves the right to moderate company reviews to ensure users are abiding by our guidelines, it is ultimately up to you, as the reviewer, to leave a review that you believe best reflects and accurately depicts your experience working for a company. As a content-hosting site, Indeed takes no part in writing or editing reviews or determining factual disputes, so keep in mind that you are solely responsible for the review you write, and that we expect you to stand by your review.

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