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Indeed Resume Search Best Practices

On the Resume search page, Indeed provides criteria for you to refine search results, allowing you to find candidates that best meet your job description. By refining your search correctly, you can simplify and speed up your candidate search.  

You can filter your search by:

  • Distance
  • Education
  • Years of Work Experience
  • Job Titles
  • Companies
  • Locations
  • Military Resumes Only (visible in the US - these resumes are free to contact)

  1. Enter Job title, skill or company & location
  2. Filter to narrow search results


You can also use Advanced search operators and Boolean Search Strings

Boolean Search:

Boolean search strings such as AND and OR connect multiple search terms together to help you narrow or broaden your search results.


Example 1: To find job seekers who have worked as either a Program Manager or a Product Manager, use the search operator OR. When using multiple search terms, type quotation marks around each of the individual search terms. You can choose to enclose all your search terms in parentheses to return a bundled result. For this example, you’d type anytitle:(“Program Manager” OR “Product Manager”).


Example 2: To find someone who has worked as both a Program Manager and a Product Manager, use the AND operator instead. You’d type anytitle:(“Program Manager” AND “Product Manager”).  If you want to find a Program Manager who isn’t currently working as a Product Manager you can add a minus sign before any search operator in order to exclude the matching resumes from your results. For example: -title:”Product Manager” anytitle:”Program Manager”.


Advanced Search Operator:

Search operators are terms you enter in a search field that allow you control and refine your search by searching specifically for phrases within certain parts of the resume to find exactly who you’re looking for.


Example: You want to hire a Program Manager with a degree from Stanford who has worked at Cisco.

To find job seekers with the current job title of Program Manager, type title:”Program Manager” into the “What” field. If you’d rather find candidates who have been a Program Manager at any point in their careers, you’d use the search operator anytitle instead and type anytitle:”Program Manager” into the “What” field. Search terms made up of more than one word such as “Program Manager” must always be enclosed in quotation marks.

To find candidates who have worked at Cisco at any point in their careers, use the search operator anycompany. Type anycompany:Cisco. If you’d rather find only candidates who currently work at Cisco, you’d use the search operator company instead.

Then filter the search for only those candidates who graduated from Stanford by typing school:Stanford

Having added each of the search operators and search terms, the “What” field now shows the complete query: title:”ProgramManager” anycompany:Cisco school:Stanford.

Once you've found your perfect candidate(s) and want to send out a message, be sure to read through our articles on creating effective messages and the do's and don'ts of contacting job seekers


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