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Resume Sales Tax Overview

Indeed is required to collect state and local tax for products and services when applicable to comply with sales tax regulations. Indeed’s Resume product is considered information services which is taxable in some states. Those states are:

  • FL, HI, MA, NJ, NM, NY, OH, OK, PA, SD, TX, WA, WV, DC

Taxes collected for the Resume product are calculated on the invoice based on the bill to location. If your bill to location is incorrect your first step is to update your billing address. Our team will automatically make any adjustments needed to your recent invoices.

Indeed’s requirement to charge sales tax for the Resume product is a recent change – if you were not charged sales tax in prior months you will not owe taxes on those past invoices.

If you are exempt from paying taxes, please email a copy of your exemption certificate to or by mail to Indeed Inc. Attn: Tax Department, 177 Broad St., 4th Floor, Stamford, CT 06901 to be reviewed and update your account.

If you are under audit and have questions pertaining to the sales tax applied to Indeed’s Resume product, please email with your question and they will be able to future assist.  

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