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Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Guidelines

  • The ATS’s file of jobs must be comprehensive and contain all jobs for all of their clients.
    • The ATS’s entire client base must meet or exceed five clients.
  • The ATS’s file should not include content from any other products that are not their ATS product.
  • Only include content from paid clients. Indeed does not allow content from clients that are using a free-trial period.
  • We will not accept any files from ATSs that are in Beta.
  • Indeed prefers that the ATS segments out staffing/recruiting content into separate XML files.
  • All job data in the file must match the job data on the individual clients’ career site.
    • All jobs must have a landing page that includes a job description.
  • The ATS’s clients cannot use a different ATS on their company website.
    • For example, if we get a file for an ATS and discover one of their clients, Company X, is using a different ATS on, then Company X cannot be included in the ATS’s file.
  • The ATS is required to provide the email address for each client (this data is subject to our Privacy Policy).
  • Test jobs are not allowed on Indeed.
  • All jobs are held to Search Quality Guidelines.


Jobs that do not meet Indeed standards may be subject to review and require additional information from the hiring company. Listings that prove misleading, compromise the job seeker experience or those which we are not convinced represent a “real” job may be removed from search results altogether. Please note: Indeed may reject or remove any job and may disable any Company's account, for any or no reason. We cannot give every reason why a job or a company may be removed, and we always retain the right to remove any job, organic or sponsored, if we feel it is in our interest or our users’ interest.


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