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How to Edit a Message Templates

Message templates are a great tool if you want to contact multiple candidates with the same information. It's an easy way to invite multiple candidates to a phone screening, interview, or send multiple candidates rejection letters. 

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You can edit message templates for jobs posted directly on Indeed by following these steps:


1. Visit and log in.

2. Click "Candidates" at the top of the page.

3. Navigate to the candidate you wish to contact and select Send Message.

4. Under New Message, click on the template you wish to use/edit. unnamed__2_.png
5. Edit the message accordingly then click on Save template under the message box. This will populate a box that says "Template name".  unnamed__3_.png

6. To save, enter the name of an existing template in the “Template name” field.
(e.g., if the existing template is named "Hello - Interview template", the edited version must use that name as well).

7. Once the message is sent, the edited templates will be saved.


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