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Getting started with Indeed CV

Part 1: Getting started

Dashboard overview

Indeed CV is an open search engine that allows you to search through 150 million CVs for top talent and contact jobseekers directly about a role that they may be qualified for. CV subscriptions provide you with a set number of contacts each month depending on the package you select.

Read through our article on how to search CVs to learn more.

Connecting users and assigning new users

Linking users to your Indeed employer account allows you to add up to 1,000 colleagues, recruiters or recruitment managers by email address and assign roles and permissions to each user

Click here to learn how.

Shared contacts

Shared contacts are a bucket of contacts that you and all of your users (Recruiters) can pull from as needed and are available to any company using CV subscriptions. Recruiters can use shared contacts when they run out of individual contacts in their subscriptions.

Read through our article on shared contacts to learn how to:

  • Add contacts
  • Distribute contacts
  • Limit contacts


Part 2: Using CV

Do's and don’ts

The following guidelines will help you use Indeed CV to communicate with candidates in ways that are consistent with Indeed’s standards for an optimal jobseeker experience. Please note that this list is a guide, not a comprehensive list of what is allowed or forbidden.

Read through our do’s and don’ts for CV contacts.

Messaging best practices

To get candidates’ attention, you need to show them why your job opportunity is relevant to their experience.

Here are some tips to improve response rates when contacting candidates on Indeed CV.

CV alerts

Indeed CV alerts are emails that are sent out daily, containing links to new CVs that match your search criteria.

Read through our article on CV alerts to learn how to set up and cancel alerts.

Contact crediting system

Each CV subscription has a set amount of contacts that are deducted from your subscription each time you get in touch with a candidate and are added back when candidates respond to your message. Take a look at our article on CV contact credits to learn how they work.

Part 3: Billing and payments


CV subscriptions provide you with a set number of contacts each month depending on the package you select.

Read through our article on CV subscription purchasing and pricing to see what options you have.

Purchasing subscriptions and additional contacts

For step-by-step guides on how to purchase CV subscriptions and additional CV contacts, read through our article here.



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